Mixer Terbaru Ashley 24 Channel )


24 Channel Mono / Mic Line / Insert
Indicator LED Each Channel.
4 Band EQ Gain Control
7 Aux (6 aux send + 1 Aux Effect)
4 Group
7 Band Stereo Graphic Equalizer With Effect to Aux 1-6
Effect 199dsp Digital Multi Effect edit a,b
Digital display Mp3 Interface, Usb,recording,bluetooth
Headphone Monitor Gain Control
Phantom Power Each Channel For Condenser Mic
Mute, PFL Each Channel
Material: Iron Plate

Gross Weight: 15.65kg/pcs Nett Weight: 11,24kg/pcs
Product Size: 83*47*12,5cm Packing: Carton
Packing Size: 93*58,5*22,5cm/pcs